I like gummy bears

and corny jokes!


Alright, so, about me…

For the most part I grew up in Hope, AR.  Yes, "A place called Hope."  I know you're thinking it.  

In high school I was voted "class funniest."  My wife doesn't believe me but I remind her multiple times a day.

I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Risk Management and Insurance (Yes, it's a thing).

I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2009 and started photographing jewelry for a local jewelry store.  

I've been hit by a car...twice!  That's why I have a brace on my arm in the picture above but I'm okay now.  

I married a woman that is smarter and funnier than I am and we have the cutest (almost) two year old girl.  Her name is Isla (eye-la).

On Mondays I'm a Stay-at-Home-Dad.  So, Mondays are a train wreck. 

We have the a 13 year old pomeranian and a 14 year old miniature dachshund that pretty much just sleep all day.

I enjoy making silly Christmas cards of our family.    

I've been an avid road cyclist and mountain biker for almost 20 years.